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Towels & Blanket

  • microfiber beach towel
  • microfiber beach towel
microfiber beach towelmicrofiber beach towel

microfiber beach towel

  • Min. Q'ty: 250 pcs
  • Delivery:15 days
  • Set-up Fee: $0.00

Dimension: dia. 63"

  • Material: 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide
  • Weight: 350-400gsm
  • Features: Customs Design Full Colors Double Sides Printing, Sand Free,Quick Dry. It works perfectly as beach blanket, yoga towel, poolside lounging, decorative round tapestry, Picnic Blanket, New Home Gift, etc. Complete Customs Designs: Customs Brand Tag,Customs Brand Loop Strap, Customs Printing Outside Drawstring Bag



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